Maximize your full potential.
Free yourself from your limiting beliefs and emotions.

The Method Evolve is for you if ...

You are aware of your limitations and do not know how to overcome them.

You remain trapped by the same recurring limiting emotions and feelings.

You have sought help from various professionals but continue to feel stuck.

You refuse to settle and have the desire and drive to maximize your full potential.

Method Evolve will allow you to...

Organically and consistently resolve the themes that limit you.

Accept yourself and your relationships with other will improve.

Make better decisions with ease and assertiveness.

Your work will improve and you will become more efficient and productive.

The beliefs and emotions that set you back will be replaced by ones that benefit you.

You will develop a new mindset and stop reacting impulsively.

How I works

The process is specific and tailored to the needs of each client.

We will work with what is present and most important at every moment.

You will notice results early on, and they will be permanent.

We will have weekly video conference sessions.



I am a therapist who studied at the University of Santa Monica, in California. Afterwards, I specialized in hypnosis. I am a clinical hypnotherapist from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America and a co-active coach from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

I have 18 years of experience helping thousands of people achieve their full potential by solving their emotional difficulties and beliefs. I have studied different techniques, participated in conferences and learned from the best experts in my field. From my training and professional experience I have created the Method Evolve, through which it is possible to evolve quickly and unleash all personal and professional potential.


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